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3 Ways to Detect a Leak in Your Home


Water leaks can be very bad for your home. They increase your water bills and can pose a risk to your home over time, not to mention that they will only continue to worsen as days go by. While some water leaks are visible and quickly identified, a hidden leak can result in serious problems because you won’t even notice it until serious problems pop up.

If you suspect that your home’s plumbing has developed a leak, then you should consider calling a plumber in Doylestown, PA to get it fixed. You can also make several checks yourself to find the source of the problem. 

Listen and Search for Leaking Water

Water leaks can occur underground or in pressurized pipes in your home that make different sounds. Some of the common sounds you will hear include the following.

  • A hissing or whoosh kind of sound that is caused due to pipe vibration 
  • A splashing sound may indicate water flowing around the pipe
  • If you hear a rapid beating or thumping sounds, it is caused due to water spray striking the wall of the soil cavity

The hissing or whoosh kind of sound is the only one that is always found in leaks for pipes with 30 psi or higher water pressure. The other sounds are not as loud and may not be present even if the pipe has a leak. 

A water leak pinpointing technique is used to identify the exact location of leaking water. This is the location where the leak sounds are the loudest and the source of the problem.

Check the Water Meter

If you do not hear any leaking sounds and there are no visible signs of leaking water either then you should test your water meter. Higher than usual bills may indicate that water is leaking in some hidden place around your home.

Turn off all the water taps, faucets, and any other water outlets in your home. Then go out and check the water meter to see if it is still ticking or not. 

The type of meter differs from one person to another, but it is usually a dial that is shaped like a triangle. The meter may also look like a small silver wheel that spins as water flows through it.

If the meter is continuing to turn even though you have turned off all the water in your home, then that is a sign that you have a leak. The movement may be very slow, so you will need to keep a close eye on the dial for a minute or so to be sure.

Plumbing Inspections

The best way to find a water leak in your home is to hire a plumber for the job. These professionals have the tools and experience to quickly identify and fix water leaks to get rid of the problem immediately.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling employs professional plumbers with years of experience in identifying and fixing water leaks and other plumbing problems. Contact our plumbers in Doylestown, PA today to get repairs at a competitive price.

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