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Common Misconceptions About Air Conditioning Costs

With summer on the way, residents of Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA, are gearing up for heat and humidity. That means keeping your air conditioning unit maintained and ready to go, but it also means keeping an eye on costs. We all want a cool comfortable home in the summer months, but we also want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for it. Sadly, common misconceptions about air conditioning costs can be quite pervasive, and while you may think you’re saving money, the opposite may actually be true. Here’s a brief list of some common myths to be aware of.

“A more efficient air conditioner will automatically save me money.”

If you have an older unit, you can definitely cut down on costs by purchasing a newer, more efficient A/C. But that assumes you use the new A/C about the same amount of time as the old one. If you use it more often, then your savings will drop, and excessive use may end up costing you more in monthly bills. A new unit can be a great boon to your pocketbook, but you still need to monitor its use.

“The most powerful air conditioner is the most efficient.”

It’s reasonable to assume that a powerful air conditioner will save money, since it can cool your house more quickly than a less powerful unit. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. Air conditioners use exponentially more power when they start up and shut down than they do when they’re just running. A powerful unit that cools the house too quickly will cycle on and off rapidly, increasing wear and tear as well as pumping up the energy costs.

“Humidity doesn’t affect cooling costs.”

High humidity is par for the course during the summer months in Pennsylvania, and the more humid your house feels, the harder your air conditioner will have to work to make you comfortable. A dehumidifying system not only improves the comfort level in your home, but lets the air conditioner do its job without excessive energy expenditure.

For practical tips on lowering your air conditioning bills this summer, or to schedule a repair or maintenance session, give the pros at Carney PHC a call!

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