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Do I Need to Size My Tank Hot Water Heater?

Most appliances for your home need to be sized properly, whether for space, capacity or both. The same goes for your tank hot water heater. Improperly sizing a water heater for your home could leave you chilly in the shower if it’s too small or decreasing energy efficiency if it’s too big. One of the benefits of working with a trained expert, like the ones at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling, is that we can help you correctly calculate the sizing for your new hot water heater. We are available to help you with a new installation or a replacement water heater – just give us a call and schedule an appointment for your business or home in Telford today!

The Steps of Sizing

The first thing to know about correctly sizing your water heater is that the unit of measure is in gallons. The key to determining how many gallons you’ll need from your water heater comes from what is known as first hour rating, or peak hour demand. This rating represents the number of gallons you’ll need your hot water heater to supply at peak demand. To determine this number, you’ll need to know when your household uses the most amount of water (morning, noon or night) and the number of people in your home. Each activity done during the peak demand hour will be assigned a specific number of gallons (for instance, 10 gallons for a shower), and how many times that particular task is done during an hour. This is so you know how many gallons of water are used for each action during the peak hour. Once you have all activities accounted for, the gallons are added up and you’ll have your total peak hour demand.

Always Work with an Expert

Working with an expert helps ensure that your peak hour calculation is done accurately and that the right-sized water heater is installed into your home. Ready for a new water heater in Telford? Call the experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment!

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