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How Your AC Gets “Stressed” at the End of Summer

sunshineThe air conditioning system keeping your home cooled down during another hot August and September in Pennsylvania is a machine, not a living creature. It can’t feel “stressed” like a person. But stress is still a good word to use when describing how an AC might suffer from malfunctions or even a complete breakdown during the heat at the end of summer. Think of all the work the AC has already done over the season, and then think about how much work is left to do. It’s natural for an air conditioner to become overly “stressed out” under these conditions.

We’re going to look at how an AC can suffer too much stress and end up passing that stress on to you. But remember, any air conditioning services in Bucks County, PA you need to get the AC back on track you can find with a call to Carney!

Too Much Dirt and Dust

One of the lead causes of mechanical stress on an air conditioning system is basic dust and dirt, which can infiltrate both the indoor and outdoor cabinets. Regular maintenance in spring does an effective job at cleaning up a system, but an AC can still pick up dust over the season and end up with failing motors. Dust and dirt will also interfere with the condenser and evaporator coils’ operation.

Overheated Electrical Components

Electrical problems in an AC are among the most common repair issues. The capacitors and the contactors in a cooling system are the most susceptible to wearing down early and needing to be replaced. Capacitors are especially sensitive to high heat levels, which restrict their ability to hold an electric charge. If a capacitor starts to fail, it will cause the motors for the fans or compressor to struggle to turn on and keep running. And a failed capacitor means motors that won’t run, period.

Leaking Refrigerant

As an air conditioner gets older, there’s a higher chance it will begin to leak refrigerant through small holes in the refrigerant lines. Loss of refrigerant puts the entire air conditioner in jeopardy, since it eventually causes the compressor to overheat. A failed compressor usually means the entire air conditioner must be replaced.

Tight Compressor

Speaking of the compressor, mechanical strain on an AC can lead to a compressor that’s under greater mechanical stress—i.e. a “tight” compressor. This can cause the compressor motor to burn out, and you’ll again be stuck with a system that may need to be fully replaced.

Act Fast With Repairs for Your “Stressed” AC

There are several warning signs your air conditioner has one of the above problems:

  • Reduced cooling power
  • The compressor cycles on and off too quickly
  • A clicking, hissing, or grinding sound from the AC
  • A sudden leap in cooling costs

No matter the warning, call our technicians right away. We can repair all makes and models, and we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist. If you need to have a new air conditioning system installed, we carry the finest in Trane products to ensure you have the best possible central AC.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is always at your service. Call us for same-day repairs—satisfaction guaranteed.

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