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Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades You Never Knew You Needed

When you hear the word spa, what do you think of? Maybe a nice hotel, some pedicures, detoxing in a steam room while you relax. While that definitely sounds like a wonderful experience, what if we told you that there could be a spa in your own bathroom?

No, your neighbors don’t have a personal spa crew that operates out of their bathroom—they just paid for the perfect bathroom renovation that suited them. Bathroom renovations and upgrades can be both aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly affordable when you contact the right Doylestown, PA plumber. We have got all different sizes of shower, tub, and faucet installations that could make your bathroom feel like a real spa. Just remember that underneath the pretty sinks and ceramic tiles needs to be a foundation of stable plumbing that we can help you set up.

Well, prepare to be amazed!

Whirlpool Bathtub

Now, let’s be honest: this is the coolest part of a bathroom renovation by far. This is what truly turns your bathroom from an average washroom into a spa. With a state of the art whirlpool bathtub and a great plumbing system beneath it, you’ll be able to manually control the temperature of your bath as well as control air blowers, lights, and other mechanisms that could make you the most comfortable person in the world. Now imagine a whirlpool tub surrounded by heated towel racks, heat lamps, and whatever other appliances it would take to make you comfortable. Spa days feel much better when they take place in your own bathroom!

Custom Shower Heads

First, you’re going to want to make sure your plumbing system can handle higher water pressure and consistently hot temperatures. Make sure your plumber gives you the go-ahead when they check out your current technology.

If your plumbing system can handle a custom shower head, it’s definitely a must-buy. Installing showers with multiple shower heads and body sprays will change the view you have of comfort. If you are looking for higher pressure or shower heads that come in all shapes and sizes, ask us!

Sounds Expensive

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, but not always. One of our trusty plumbers can give you a remodeling estimate for free if you’re ever curious. Not only that, but think about this–your bathroom is one of the most used rooms of your entire house. You wouldn’t go for the cheapest mattress offered, would you? Your bathroom deserves just as much love since you spend so much time in it!

These installations are more than just luxury items. They can be energy-efficient enhancements as well. For example, handheld shower heads can often be easier to clean with, lowering your overall time showering and conserving water.

We understand the decisions that go into remodeling a bathroom. Affordable purchases, mixed with the desire to conserve energy and water, make it a complicated headache sometimes.

Let Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling make this process a little bit easier. Contact us for a free remodeling estimate today!

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