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It’s Never Too Late to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

We are officially in summer, and while you may be thinking that you’ll just wait to schedule maintenance for your AC until after the season, keep in mind that it is never too late do so. While there may be better times than others to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning system, the bottom line is that it really is a necessary service, so do it when you can do it. The experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling are here to help with all of your air conditioning needs, so call us today and schedule a maintenance appointment for your AC in Lansdale, PA.

Why Schedule Maintenance?

Your air conditioner does a tremendous amount of work during the summer months. This level of work naturally creates wear and tear. When left on your system season after season, this wear and tear accumulates and can contribute to the development of malfunctions and potential breakdown. Maintenance isn’t just a simple review of your system, it’s a full tune-up that offers tremendous benefits for both you and your system.

What Benefits?

Maintenance involves a number of steps that act together for the benefit of you and your system. One of the first steps is a thorough inspection of your system, which enables the technician to detect any existing or potential problems. Small issues, like a worn fan belt, will be handled during the appointment: if any bigger issues are found, like a refrigerant leak, you’ll be alerted so you can schedule a repair appointment. A second step is cleaning. Removing dirt, dust and grime from the various components of your system allows it to work optimally. Lastly, checks and testing are done to ensure the system works as efficiently as possible.

Don’t skimp on annual AC maintenance just because it’s summer. Call our experts today!

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