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Ways to Avoid Plumbing Repair Issues

There is no way to guarantee that you won’t ever experience a plumbing issue with your home in Hatfield, PA, but we do have a few tips to offer that can help reduce the incidence of plumbing repair in your home. However, if you are in need of plumbing repair, make sure you call experts you can count on, like the ones at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Here are some of the ways you can reduce the amount of plumbing repairs in your home:

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

It can be very tempting to use over-the-counter drain cleaners on your piping, but these cleaners can be extremely caustic, and can unfortunately do a lot more damage to your plumbing pipes than the actual clog. These cleaners are typically a thick gel, intended to stick around for a while, giving them ample opportunity to literally burn your pipes.

Be Smart about What Goes Down

Drains are pretty tough, but they aren’t meant to be dump sites. This means that large food particles, fats, oils and grease (FOG) and other types of potentially problematic materials should not be sent down your drains.

Help Your Drains with Home Remedies

A great way to help maintain your drains is to simply use home remedies once a month. One home remedy to use is a cup of baking soda mixed with a cup of white vinegar. This combination causes a bubbling effect that can scour the inside of your drains. A second home remedy that can also be used as a follow-up to the baking soda mixture is to pour boiling water down your drain (but with a drain that has a garbage disposal).

Schedule Annual Maintenance

During an annual maintenance appointment with your plumbing system, your licensed plumber will inspect and identify any problems with your system and engage in a thorough cleaning of the drains, allowing your system to work optimally.

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