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Springtime Preparations for Your AC

While it might not feel like springtime yet, we assure you that it’s basically right around the corner. Before you’re busy opening up the windows, cleaning off the porch, and enjoying the fresh air for the first time in months, we implore you to take a second and read about some of the benefits that could come from getting your AC ready for summer.

We get it, summer might not be for a few more months—but it’ll be here before you know it, and you want your air conditioner to be ready and willing to keep you cool! So, let’s take a good look at what can be done to prepare your AC for the summer and how calling our team for AC maintenance in Doylestown, PA can be the right move.

Sound good? Keep reading below if you’re interested.

Get Your AC Ready

Getting an air conditioner ready for the summer to come isn’t such a simple task. It’s a combination of several things, some of which can be done by homeowners, and probably should be done by homeowners. The other, more complicated tasks can be done by a professional HVAC technician when an AC maintenance appointment is scheduled.

Change the Air Filter

The first and probably most important job a homeowner should perform when getting their air conditioning system ready for the warmer months is to change the air filter. This is a job that is recommended to be done by homeowners because it’s easy and effective. Changing your AC’s air filter will cause it to draw in air more easily, lowering the stress on the system and essentially lowering your cooling bills for the next 1–3 months before you need to change it again.

Clean Around the System

A lot of things have changed since last summer, that’s for sure! When taking your AC out of retirement, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s set up for success. Part of this set up includes brushing away any dust, debris, sticks, stones, and grime that might have gotten stuck around the base of your AC unit. These materials can clog up the system when it starts to run and push it to overheat.

Schedule Maintenance

Hey, we’re not finished yet! Before you wipe off your hands and call it a day, remember to call and schedule a maintenance appointment with your local HVAC professional, like us! A technician who is well-trained and knows what they’re doing can easily perform some minor adjustments, lubricate ball bearings, and swap out certain parts to keep your system running efficiently and effectively. Not only that, but you can get our professional opinion on whether or not your system is really ready to withstand our scorching summer temperatures.

Ease the burden on yourself and your mind. It just feels a lot better going to sleep on a springtime night when you know your local, trustworthy professional has given you the go-ahead that you’re ready for summer.

See? Doesn’t just thinking about scheduling maintenance feel better already?

Call the experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for your AC questions today!

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