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Stay Prepared with a Whole House Generator

Being prepared for a blackout isn’t just about having enough energy for some flashlights and your heater. What about having the energy to charge your phone in case you need to make an emergency call? Or having enough energy to power your refrigerator to keep your food from spoiling? These can be necessary when you’re trying to live your life after a blackout, especially when you don’t know the next time the power will come back on.

Thankfully, contractors like us offer whole house generators. These systems are well-equipped to power most, if not all, of the appliances in your home. From lights, to your refrigerator, to your individual devices, you should have all the power you need to pass a blackout without any disruptions to your daily life. Generator service in Bucks County, PA can be affordable and a huge advantage when dealing with storms as we do.

The Advantages of a Whole House Generator

From the fuel source that this generator consumes to the convenience it grants you, a whole house generator is much more than just a last-minute solution to blackouts and power surges.

Natural Gas or Propane

We offer natural gas-powered whole house generators, which are leagues better and more efficient than portable generators that run on gasoline. Sure, portable generators might be smaller and cheaper, but they produce harmful fumes that can be dangerous, as well as run at a much more expensive cost while producing less electricity overall. They’re a short-term solution that can barely be called a solution at all.

Natural gas and propane-powered generators, like the whole house models we provide, run on clean-burning natural gas or propane, which means any byproducts are being easily vented and you’re producing less harmful emissions overall. These fuels run cheaper than gasoline and they do an incredible job of keeping your entire home running, which is more than a portable generator could ever hope to achieve. Gone are the days of deciding which appliances to keep running and which you’ll have to live without!

Standby Models

Are you afraid you’ll be gone when a power outage occurs? If so, many whole house generator models still require a homeowner to turn them on when the blackout occurs. However, we also provide whole house generators that are standby models, which means they can automatically turn on when they detect an outage. This can beĀ incredibly convenient when you’re on vacation or out for a few days. The food in your fridge will definitely begin to spoil and your HVAC system might be deactivated if it’s not automatically kept running with a standby unit.

Have Your Generator Professionally Installed

It’s easy to take these great features of a whole house generator for granted when a professional accurately installs them, but you’re nowhere near guaranteed success when an amateur provides the installation. Having a professional do the job of setting up your generator is the least you can do to ensure it works correctly, otherwise what’s the point of even having a generator installed to begin with?

Speaking of professional installation, call the team at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for quality set-up of your whole house generator!

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