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The Benefits of Whole House Generators in Bucks County, PA

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

We have had our fair share of some very challenging weather over the last few years, and if there’s anything we learned from events like super-storm Sandy, it’s that extended power outages can happen at any time. Extended power outages aren’t just inconvenient; they can damage your whole-home systems and cost you money in lost food and water problems. But having a whole house generator in Bucks County, PA can change all that, and change it with an imperceptible, automatic switch.

How Does a Whole House Generator Work?

Whole house generators are much more powerful, stable and permanent than portable generators. First, a whole house generator is sized to carry the major systems of your home for a long period of time. They are installed outside your home in a highly weather-resistant cabinet and use fuels that are not affected by power outages such as natural gas and propane. Once the generator is properly sized and placed outside, it is connected directly into your home’s electrical panel. Most whole house generators are equipped with sensors that detect any interruption in electrical power to your home, and these generators automatically power your home through the electrical box when such an interruption is detected. When the power returns, the generator will switch back off.

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

  • Convenience – with a whole house generator, you don’t have to worry about connecting, starting, fueling and monitoring the generator as you do with a portable generator.
  • Whole-home support – a whole house generator is designed to support all the major systems in your home, not just one or two. You can keep living comfortably with a whole house generator even though your grid power may be interrupted.
  • No issues with fueling – a whole house generator uses natural gas or propane to operate, and as such, the generator connects directly to the natural gas line or LP tank on your property; there’s no need to constantly re-fuel as there can be with portable generators.

If you are tired of the effect of unpredictable weather events and power outages, you may want to consider the installation of a whole house generator in your Buck County, PA, home.

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We’re Grateful for Central Heating and Indoor Plumbing

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

The holiday season is upon us again – a time for celebrating with family and friends, and remembering our many blessings.

Of course, the most important of these are the love of our family and friends and the food that nourishes us. We hope these blessings are shared by all our customers.Baby Sleeping By Fire in a Comfortable Home With Central Heating

As the weather gets colder, we are grateful, too, for the comfort of our homes. It’s worth remembering that even the simplest of our modern homes are full of luxuries that people of centuries past could not even have imagined.

Take central heating, for example, which did not become widespread until the 20th century (although it was actually invented by the Romans). Here in the New World, early European settlers emulated the practices of the Native Americans, heating their homes with an open indoor fire and keeping out the cold with brightly-woven mats and furs. The houses stayed surprisingly warm during the winter (sometimes getting as hot as 90 degrees F, especially in the wigwams, which were better insulated than the colonists’ dwellings). But tending the fire was a tedious, time-consuming, dirty, and somewhat dangerous task – and as anyone who has ever made breakfast over a campfire will tell you, cooking three meals a day over an open flame was very challenging.

Indoor plumbing is another invention that early natives and settlers could not have imagined (although again, it had been invented long before by the ingenious Romans). During the long and arduous voyage to the New World, European colonists relieved themselves by sitting on shelves that jutted out over the sides of the ship; when they reached the New World, they simply went outdoors to do their business, even in the dead of winter. Even outhouses were luxuries in the early years. Baths were uncommon (sometimes a once-a-year event) and were not taken at all on board ship. When colonists did wash, they did so in a nearby stream or pond.

So, the next time you press a button on your thermostat to turn on the heat, or flush your toilet, or take a nice warm shower, or cook a meal on a temperature-controlled oven – give thanks!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help you keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable. Our customers are one of the many blessings for which we are thankful – now and all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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