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The Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

We’re getting close to the heating season. As we shut off our air conditioners one by one, the heaters will begin to turn on—except for the ones that haven’t been maintained properly. That’s right, if you’ve kept up with our blogs during this cooling season, it’s not just air conditioners that could benefit from yearly maintenance, but furnaces as well!

Homeowners like to think of their furnaces like campfires. As long as they keep throwing fuel in the fire, they’ll burn just the same, right? But a furnace is more complicated than that. Without the right tune-up or repairs, a furnace can become more inefficient, have costly problems, and eventually turn into a safety hazard for a family and home.

Why take the risk? Contact your nearest professional for heating repair in Doylestown, PA. If you’re still unconvinced, then read on!

What a Tune-Up Can Do for You

Maintenance on your furnace is not a luxury. Having a professional check your furnace can save you money and keep your heating system functioning as it should for the whole winter. When you have routine tune-ups, you can expect to enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency. With a scheduled furnace tune-up, you could increase the system efficiency of your unit. This means better heating performance (feeling comfier in the winter), as well as lower heating costs.
  • Reduced Risk of Heater Failure. Having your heater fail is not just like having your AC fail in Doylestown. A failed heater when the temperatures are below zero can have catastrophic effects for you and your family. Having routine maintenance on your furnace will keep that risk of furnace failure low.
  • Minimize the Possibility of Surprise Repairs. Nobody likes finding out that their system needs expensive repairs to make it through the winter. With scheduled routine maintenance on your furnace, you’ll know when you need repairs far in advance. Emergency repairs always cost more and feel worse than preventative maintenance.
  • Detect Carbon Monoxide Leaks. Carbon monoxide poisoning is not something to mess around with. Unless you’ve got detectors hooked up in your home, and even in some cases if you do, schedule some routine maintenance to make sure your system isn’t leaking carbon monoxide.
  • Maintain system warranty. If your furnace has a warranty, the manufacturer is going to expect that you’re keeping it in good condition. If you leave it alone every winter and don’t pay any attention to it, that warranty is going to be void and repairs will cost more.

Schedule Today!

Feeling anxious? That’s you wondering when the last time you got a furnace tune-up was. No need to panic, we don’t care how long its been. All we care about is making sure your furnace gets the attention that it so desperately needs. If you’re unsure as to the last time your furnace had a check-up, it’s a great time to schedule maintenance today. Before the temperature drops below zero, let us make sure your system is in good shape.

Schedule a furnace tune-up with Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today!

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