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Common Gas Furnace Repairs

You probably don’t want to start thinking about heating repairs, but it is very common to encounter repair needs when re-starting your system for the season. Sitting heaters can accumulate dust and dirt that can interfere with the working of your furnace, and if you haven’t had annual maintenance yet, you may encounter problems when you turn on your furnace for the first time. It is never advisable that you attempt to repair or poke around your furnace to see what’s happening – leave that to the experts. The pros at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help you with all of your gas furnace repairs in Blue Bell, PA – all you have to do is give us a call!

Common Problems with Gas Furnaces

Here are some of the more common repairs our technicians see when it comes to gas furnaces:

  • Problems with ignition – depending on the age of your furnace, you can have either an electronic ignition or a pilot light. However, both can experience problems that will affect whether or not the burner is lit. Shifts in position, faulty thermocouples and even dirt can stop your furnace from igniting. It’s best to allow a trained expert to see exactly what the problem is.
  • Problems with air flow – there can be a couple of reasons why your home isn’t getting the amount of warm air it needs. The first is an issue with the blower. The blower is the main fan in your heater that pushes the warmed air into your living spaces. If there is any kind of issue with the fan or its components, it may not work correctly. The second reason is a clogged air filter. When the air filter in your system is clogged, it restricts air flow. This will result in low air volume.
  • Problems with the heat exchanger – if the heat exchanger at the core of your furnace is excessively dirty or cracked, it won’t work as needed. A dirty heat exchanger can be cleaned, but a cracked heat exchanger will need to be replaced.

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