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It’s Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance

It feels good to finally be out of the harshest parts of winter. Well, we hope that’s the case. Even if we are out of the hardest dips in temperature, you could still encounter one of the worst winter experiences: a heater problem. As long as you’re the owner of a heater, this is a reality. That’s why we talk about heating maintenance on our blog so much.

Heating maintenance is a proven way to reduce heating repair in Montgomery County, as well as notice when something is going wrong early.

Did you miss heater maintenance this year? Think you’re better off just waiting until this fall in hopes that you remember? What if we told you that signing up for late maintenance now would actually be a better idea and help you avoid an unnecessary heating repair down the line?

How Maintenance Stops Repairs in Their Tracks

Your next set of questions might revolve around the fact that maintenance stops repairs. “How could this kind of service annually help mitigate most repairs I would need for my heating system?” Well, maintenance takes a proactive approach and provides some advantages that we recommend homeowners use.

  • Find repairs and fix them, before they become repairs. Your heater doesn’t just start out being broken. Unless you had a seriously botched installation, all of the components should be in good shape to keep your home warm. Repair needs only come up when something goes wrong, which usually takes time, a mishap, and some degree of neglect. When you invest in maintenance services, our technicians can often see these repairs coming a mile away and address them before they become actual repair needs. Neat, huh?
  • Improve efficiency levels. Many repair calls are made each year because heating bills start to skyrocket. While there could be something wrong with a heater that leads to decreasing efficiency levels, maintenance is a proven way to actually fight this degradation.
  • Clean dirty components. When certain heating components get dirty, they are less likely to work properly. Dirty furnace burners, for instance, can start booming and causing miniature explosions to occur in the combustion chamber. This can ultimately lead to a crack developing somewhere in the system and the development of a repair need or a safety concern. By scheduling maintenance, a professional can clean your furnace to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Keep the system in good condition. It’s not just about cleaning dirty components and fixing small things; it’s about assessing the condition of your heating system as well. A thorough maintenance appointment will end in three ways: success, partial success, or failure. A technician will tell you the condition of your heating system and let you know whether replacement might be a viable option. Or, they might boast with a smile on their face about the great condition your system is, and reassure you that you won’t need any work done. Either way, this informs you going forward.

Stay informed, vigilant, and stress-free by investing in maintenance to reduce repairs.

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