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End of the Winter Furnace Checklist

Temperatures are starting to get warm! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and everyone is out and about jogging, walking, and just enjoying the weather. Time to put away your furnace and finally forget about it, right?

Absolutely not! We’d be hard-pressed to find every night from here until the end of June to be warm and balmy. Some nights are going to be cold, and your heater is still going to be a requirement this year, and for next year as well. You could still need some urgent furnace repair in Lansdale, PA, and now would be the perfect time to invest in it.

Let’s cover the basics. We’ve got a checklist for everything you’ll need to pay attention to this spring. Leave your furnace care to the pros and do everything you can to avoid a surprise bill down the line.

Step by Step Improvements

Don’t try to go fixing everything wrong with your heating system all at once. A checklist is a great idea because it lets you boil things down to one step at a time and focus on what’s important. So, let’s go point by point and see how your furnace is doing and whether it needs help.

  1. Check your air filter. Your air filter should still be replaced, even though you might be thinking the heating days are behind you. This is so that when your heater does turn on for those chilly nights still ahead of us, it’s not struggling to perform the standard job it should be able to do easily.
  2. Pay attention to how it sounds. Your heater shouldn’t be making any noises, and if it is then it could need some springtime repairs. If you let that repair need sit for the whole summer, it’s bound to get worse and cost more to get repaired next fall.
  3. Notice any smells. If your furnace is giving off foul odors, then you need repairs ASAP. It doesn’t matter how much you’re using your furnace these days, it could become a safety concern if your system is leaking gas or carbon monoxide.
  4. Check comfort levels in your whole home. How does your furnace warm your home? If you’ve got certain rooms that clearly feeling chilly on cold nights, then your heater might need some serious improvements. Call our team for repairs.
  5. Take note of how old it is. If your furnace is 10 years old or older, then you could see more repair needs in the next few years. This is the best time to start considering furnace replacement services.
  6. Think about the price of your heating bill. Take a look at your heating bill from this winter and spring, and compare it to last year’s bills. You can keep doing this and notice a trend that your heating bills might be going upwards. If this is the case, repairs could target the inefficiency that’s surfacing in your system and make improvements that lower the month-to-month cost.

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