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Gurgling Drains and a Remodeled Bathroom

When you gurgle water after brushing your teeth, what exactly is happening? It’s not exactly a normal noise that you can make in your throat on a whim (unless you can, in which case, bravo!). When this noise comes from your drains, it can be especially disconcerting because you can’t exactly clear out your drains like you can your throat. Drains are located in the deeper recesses of your home and require a plumber to provide any extensive repairs that need to be done.

If your drains are gurgling as they’re worn down, this could be the perfect time to invest in bathroom remodeling in Bucks County. Since we’ll likely have to replace certain plumbing components, it might be more cost-effective to finally have the remodeling work done that you’ve always wanted.

Let’s talk about plumbing problems and how they can affect your remodeling process.

Address the Problems with a Professional

For many homeowners, remodeling feels like a fresh start. Your bathroom has looked old for years, possibly decades, and when it’s remodeled it can feel like an entirely new room. That’s great, right? Unfortunately, that might only be the feeling on the surface. Beneath the new granite countertop and the linoleum floors, could be a drainage system that’s still struggling as it was before. The truth is that you’ll want your plumbing system to be upgraded in accordance with your new remodeled bathroom.

  • Listen for problems. Here’s where the gurgling drains play a role. If you’re thinking about having your bathroom remodeled, or perhaps you just had your remodeling done, your drains can still make a gurgling sound due to a clog. This is a good reason to invest in proper plumbing services as well as remodeling services. Here at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we do both!
  • Communicate issues to your plumber. Talk to us about the problems you’ve experienced in your bathroom. What appliances don’t work as well as they should? What drains are making noises or smelling bad? We can tell you how we can address them during the remodeling process and make sure that your bathroom not only looks good afterward, but works well too!
  • Take a look at the remodeling designs. Regardless of who is performing your remodeling, you’ll need certain things to be done correctly. For instance, shower floors need to be slanted on an angle so that water drains and doesn’t become stagnant. This can cause mold and mildew to grow. Another example would be how your toilet needs to be installed a certain amount of space away from the wall or nearby appliances, so you can use it correctly. It’s a good idea to walk through the remodeling plans so you can communicate any problems with your hired professional.
  • Invest in an upgraded toilet or sink. Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to replace an old or outdated appliance like a toilet. There are high-efficiency toilet systems out there that can save money on your water bill while also looking fresh and new in your remodeled bathroom.

Let’s talk about remodeling and how our plumbers can help your bathroom needs. Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today!

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