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It’s Time to Take Your Heater Out of Hibernation

For many of us, this is the month for spooky movies, candy, and a lot of frightful screams. For others, it’s the month where cold temperatures really kick into gear and we’re left dealing with the woes of last year’s heating season. Fear not—your heater is there to keep you comfortable, once you take it out of hibernation the right way.

More likely than not your heater has been sitting and gathering dust in your home all summer long. Not only that, but there could be some repairs that need to be done by a professional before the cold season kicks into gear. Whatever your needs may be, HVAC in Ambler, PA doesn’t have to be complicated.

Below, we’ve listed some helpful things you can do when taking your heater out of hibernation. Be sure to follow our guide and let us know if you need any help!

Take Our Word for It

The last thing you want to run into this year is a heater that’s on the fritz. You can easily run into breakdowns, inefficiencies, and more if you don’t pay attention to your heater before it starts running into problems. Take a look below at some key ways to do that.

Take Care of Repairs Now

How did you leave your heater last heating season? Were you glad to make it through the rest of the season without having to invest in that expensive repair? Well, your system’s days are numbered if you think it’s going to forget about that. Heaters don’t forget about the repairs they need, in fact, they often get a lot worse when you include the time they’ve spent hibernating. Problems that needed repair last year are often more complicated and worse when the next heating season rolls around, which is why it’s important to get them taken care of by a professional now.

Change the Air Filter

“But I changed the air filter many times last year when I used the system!”

We get it, you were diligent last year, but your heater has been sitting and collecting dust for months. Even if you did change the air filter last year, did you do it at the end of the heating season? It’s okay if you don’t remember; it can be easy to forget when it was you changed the filter last. So, just go out on a limb and replace the air filter now while you’ve still got time. This can avoid serious problems down the line and be a huge benefit for your heater.

Schedule Maintenance

It’s still early in the heating season, which means our technicians aren’t yet bogged down with emergency repair calls. We have the time to schedule maintenance at your convenience, rather than ours. Before things get crazy, take advantage of the lull in our service calls.

Heater maintenance can ensure that you know of any repair needs that are coming in the future. It also allows a professional to make minor tweaks and adjustments to allow for maximum efficiency and efficacy. Don’t forgo this absolutely necessary service!

Call the crew at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to take care of your heater the right way.

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