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The Cost of Preventative Plumbing Service

We understand the sentiment that so many of our customers have on a day to day basis. Why should you pay for preventative maintenance and service on your plumbing system if it could be in great shape currently? How do you know that you need preventative plumbing service?

Well, that’s the thing—nobody needs preventative plumbing services in the same way that you don’t need to get an oil change on your car if you don’t want to. Not calling a plumber in Bucks County won’t kill you, but it certainly doesn’t help the quality of your life either.

So, let’s talk about the real cost of preventative plumbing service. More specifically, let’s talk about the hidden costs of not investing in preventative plumbing services. If you think your plumbing system is fine without the help of a master plumber, you might be in for an unfortunate surprise.

Video Pipe Inspection

Luckily, we don’t live in the old days where you paid a plumber a flat fee to just “clean” your pipes. Plumbers have to be more responsible than that. That’s why we offer services like video pipe inspection, which is a way to allow homeowners to get a close and personal look at their own plumbing system. Think of video pipe inspection as the first line of defense when you consider preventative plumbing help.

This costs less relative to the price of actual plumbing work, so don’t worry about the cost there. If your plumbing is in good shape, then you don’t need our help. If it’s struggling, that’s where we can start talking about drain cleaning services.

The Cost of Drain Cleaning services

So, depending on the methods used to clean your drains and prevent clogs or leaks, prices will differ. This is where video pipe inspection plays a handy role: it helps us determine what kind of tools to use to clean your pipes and keep them in good shape. Sometimes a bit of drain snaking or a targeted repair will help keep things running smoothly for years to come. At other times, you’ll need full-blown hydrojetting to keep your drains from clogging.

Regardless of what is needed, think of it as an investment for the future. Clearing out your drains or repairing a faulty piece of the plumbing will ultimately increase the overall yield of your plumbing system. Your drains will be clear for a longer amount of time and you reduce the risk of unexpected drain clogs, especially on days when you especially don’t want them.

The Cost of Neglect

What’s worse, paying for our services to help keep your drains in good condition, or paying for emergency plumbing services on Christmas Eve because you’ve been surprised by a pipe leak? We all know the answer to that question. The cost of your plumbing repairs will always be higher when they happen unexpectedly. We are firm believers that the cost of preventative plumbing service is always lower than the cost of missing a good Thanksgiving dinner because your plumbing decided to give up on the worst day possible.

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