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Tips to Help Your Heating This Winter

Sometimes it can be pretty amazing to see how a small change can make a big difference. When it comes to saving money on your winter heating, there are some small changes that homeowners can make that can have a positive impact on their winter heating budgets. None of these heating tips for your Warrington home are very difficult and some are things you can manage to do on your own. However, if you need repair, replacement or maintenance for your heating system, call the experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today!

Winter Heating Tips

Here are some winter heating tips to help you become more energy efficient this winter:

  • Install ceiling fans – ceiling fans help circulate the air and help keep the warm air in your home from trying to settle toward the floor, where the cooler air is. This can help keep your home warmer and more comfortable.
  • Upgrade your thermostat – if you are using a slide or dial thermostat with your heating system, you may be missing out some significant savings due to less energy efficiency. With a digital thermostat, you can set a precise temperature instead of aiming for a range, and if you install a programmable thermostat, you can create a program that will power down your heating when your home isn’t occupied.
  • Change the air filter regularly – if you heat your home with a furnace or heat pump system, your system has an air filter. It’s recommended that air filters are changed every three months because they gather dirt and dust fairly quickly. Having a clean air filter keeps the air flow in your system at the level it needs to be to perform optimally.
  • Close the fireplace damper – if you have a fireplace in your home, leaving the damper open is akin to leaving a window open. A simple check of your fireplace damper can save you from sending valuable heat out your chimney.

These simple steps can help reduce your energy usage, which you’ll see in your monthly heating bills. Need more in-depth help? Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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