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When Is It Time to Schedule Drain Cleaning?

Nope, these aren’t the sounds of a tasty treat, they are the sounds a slow drain makes as it struggles to move your waste water from the drain to your outlet pipe. Many of us wait for these sounds to disappear, but unfortunately, they are usually the harbinger of an imminent clog. So what can you do? You can try some home remedies for the problem that may work if the build-up isn’t too bad: using the combination of white vinegar and baking soda in the drain, plunging or boiling water. But if none of these options work, it may be time to schedule drain cleaning in Montgomery City, PA.

Reasons to Schedule Drain Cleaning

Along with the above-listed sounds and slow drainage, there are some other signs that can indicate it’s time to call an expert to clean your drains:

  • Multiple clogs/slow draining on the same plumbing line – if you are experiencing multiple clogs, or multiple drains that all have slow drainage, it is likely there is a clog deep in the main pipe that all these drains are connected to. Reaching deep problems in your plumbing can be challenging and should always be left to an expert.
  • The same clog keeps happening – do you have one drain that won’t stop developing a clog, even after you’ve unclogged it several times? This is usually indicative of a clogging issue that hasn’t been completely resolved, but can be solved when you hire a trained expert.
  • It’s time for annual plumbing maintenance – drain cleaning is a part of plumbing maintenance, so if you haven’t scheduled your plumbing system for maintenance in the last 12 months, call and schedule a drain cleaning appointment.

Can’t I Clean My Drains Myself?

We hear this question a lot, and the answer is: unless you have the training and expertise to use drain cleaning equipment, no, you shouldn’t clean your own drains. Likewise, using over-the-counter drain cleaners is not considered drain cleaning. For the best results and healthy, undamaged drains, call your plumbing professional for all drain cleaning work.

The plumbing experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling have been helping customers in the Montgomery City, PA area with their plumbing needs since 1976, so if you need drain cleaning or any other plumbing services, call us today!

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