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Want to Destroy Your Heating System? Follow These Awful Tips!

BurnerNormally, we post here about all the things that you should be doing to keep your home systems in top condition. This time, though, we figured we’d take a slightly different route. We’re going to be using this week to go over some of the best ways to completely ruin your heating system in a short amount of time. In case this isn’t already obvious, you should absolutely not follow any of the tips below! In-fact, you should do the opposite. But, in the interests of having some fun and changing things up, here are some great tips for destroying your heater.

Don’t Schedule Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the single greatest thing you can do to preserve the condition of your heater. The majority of heating system problems don’t show symptoms until they’re pretty advanced, at which point it is too late to prevent much of the damage they’ve caused. If you want to catch issues before they get that far, the best thing to do is to schedule preventive maintenance. So, if you’re interested in destroying your heating system, a good place to start is to just not schedule preventive maintenance at all! We’re sure it will be fine.

Ignore Warning Signs That Your System is in Trouble

Another great way to shorten the lifespan of your system considerably is to just ignore it when it starts to show signs that something is wrong. Falling heating output? Probably nothing to worry about. Strange noises? Meh. Turning on and off every couple of minutes instead of completing a full heating cycle? Maybe it’s just having an off day. As we already mentioned above, heating issues tend to manifest symptoms only after they’ve been around for a while. By the time you do notice a problem, it’s likely already a threat to the health or operation of your system in some way.

If this were a normal blog, we’d telling you to call for repairs as soon as you noticed that something was wrong with your heater. Since we’re not doing that today, though, we’re going to recommend that you not do that thing. Never call for repairs. Ever. Embrace the power of denial and positive thinking, and watch your heater slowly self-destruct.

Install The Wrong Size

If you’re really determined to destroy your heater from the get-go, one thing you could do is install the wrong size of system. Heaters that are too large will often short cycle, where the thermostat will shut the system down before it has the ability to complete a full heating cycle. Heaters that are too small will have to operate for longer than they are designed to. In either case, the system will wear down more quickly, and need to be replaced faster.

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