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Why You Need to Change Your Heater’s Air Filter Regularly

Not all heating systems use an air filter, but if you have a heating system that does, it is important that you, or a trained technician, change it every three months. The systems that use air filters are furnaces (both electric and gas), and any system that uses a heat pump (including geothermal and high velocity systems). Why is it so important to change your air filter? We’ll explain more below.

Air Flow

The first reason it is important to make sure you aren’t running your heating system with a clogged air filter is air flow. Your heating system needs a specific amount of air moving through it during operation for it to work properly. Clogged air filters will act as a stop-gag to air, seriously restricting it. This will put tremendous pressure on your system and reduce its capability to heat your home.

Pressure Imbalances in Your System

Your heating system works in a delicate balance when it comes to air pressure. Not only does the main part of the heating system, where the heat is generated, need to have a balance of air, but your ductwork does, too. A clogged and dirty air filter can throw off all the air pressure throughout the system, creating a number of systemic problems.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A clogged air filter is utterly ineffectual for stopping dust and dirt from entering your system. In fact, dust and dirt will just simply go around the filter and have a direct path into your home’s living spaces. This can be a serious problem for those who suffer from indoor allergies or have allergy sufferers at home.

If you need help changing your air filter every three months, call the indoor air quality experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We’ll make sure your air filter in New Hope, PA, is properly installed and working!

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