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Get Your Garbage Disposal Ready to Work for the Holidays!

We just had one of the food-heaviest holidays, but there is more to come! If your garbage disposal in Doylestown got a workout this past Thanksgiving, help it out with a little maintenance. Maintenance can go a long way toward making sure your disposal is there for our other upcoming holidays. Are you already seeing the results of some challenging food in your garbage disposal? Call the plumbing pros from Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for a quick drain cleaning!

Home Maintenance Steps

If your garbage disposal survived the onslaught of Thanksgiving food, you are already half way through the battle. What you want to do now is help it out with a good ice cube scrubbing. Place 3—4 ice cubes in your garbage disposal and turn it on. The chopped ice will serve as a scourer and the cold water will help wash down any food particles that are sticking to the inside of your pipes.

Do you suspect you may have more food particles than you want sticking to your pipes? Try a standard home remedy of white vinegar and baking soda. Pour one cup of baking soda down your drain followed by one cup of white vinegar. The mixture will fizz in your drain, but like ice, it acts as a scouring agent. Let it sit for 3-4 then run cool water.

The List of “Don’ts” for Your Disposal

Here is the list of foods to keep out of your garbage disposal during this holiday season:

  • Bones
  • Fruit pits
  • Potato skins
  • Fibrous, stringy vegetables like celery
  • Coffee grounds
  • Any kind of FOG – fats, oils and grease

Taking the time to maintain your garbage disposal can help reduce the potential for repair needs, and being vigilant about what foods go into your disposal will most assuredly help you avoid problems.

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