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3 Good Reasons to Call a Pro

It’s easy to think that you can search for a tutorial online and fix some of your plumbing problems without the help of a professional. However, when it comes to working on your home’s plumbing, you always want to have a certified technician completing any repair jobs. 

When you need plumbing service in Montgomery County, PA, our team is who you want to call. We are experts in the industry and have years of experience. You can keep reading to learn about three of the most common plumbing calls we get and why you want to have a professional work on your plumbing instead of attempting a DIY job.

Lack of Water Pressure

If it feels like you’re losing water pressure in faucets across your home, you probably are. Sometimes there is a simple fix. Each of your faucets has a small mesh grate that helps to catch any particles coming through your water, like the minerals that are found in hard water. Even though these minerals are very tiny, they can build up quickly and create a layer against that mesh grate that prevents water from getting through. 

Many times our team can simply take this mesh grate off, rinse it out and replace it. However, when it comes to showerheads and other water fixtures, it’s a little more complicated. Plus, you want to consider that there may actually be a blockage somewhere in your system causing the poor water pressure. If that’s the case, cleaning out the mesh grate won’t do anything and we will have to take a deeper look at your plumbing.

Slow Drains

Slow drains are another reason to call a professional plumber. Sure, you can stop at a local hardware store and pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. But these abrasive chemicals are doing more than just breaking down clogs. They’re also causing corrosion inside of your plumbing system. You want to avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs. Our team will use a snake tool or hydro jetting to break down clogs safely without damaging your plumbing lines.

Visible Damage

Another reason to call a plumber is if you notice visible damage to any elements of your plumbing. Of course, your plumbing is really only visible under sinks and in your garage by your water heater. Other than that, your pipes are largely located inside your walls, floors, and ceiling. 

But noticing any signs of damage like bent or dented pipes or connections that don’t seem secure are red flags that something may be wrong. It’s better to get your plumbing checked out and know that everything is OK. Another example of visible damage that you want to pay attention to is water damage near your fixtures. If you begin to notice pools of water or water stains, that’s another reason to give our team a call even if you cannot identify an active leak.

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