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Plumber Tip: Why Your Toilet Keeps Running

You know the scenario: you’re sitting peacefully in a room of your house, reading a book, watching television, or sorting laundry… and then you realize the sound of the toilet running has been going on for a while. Much longer than it should considering when it was last used. That can’t be right. But what’s causing it? And is it an emergency?

Fortunately, a toilet that keeps running isn’t normally a sign to panic. Often, it’s a small glitch that’s easy to take care of. And if it’s something you can’t fix on your own, it’s usually an issue that a professional plumber can repair fast and without much difficulty. But you should get a run-on-toilet taken care of as soon as you can, because even if the malfunction isn’t threatening your plumbing or on the verge of causing flooding, it is wasting water—using up to 2 gallons a minute! If you’re looking for a Lansdale, PA plumber to handle a problem like this, contact Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling right away—and get the proper repair done right away!

When you notice the problem start, remove the lid of the toilet tank and watch the internal mechanisms at work when you pull the handle. (Please, please be careful with the lid—replacements can be expensive, far more than any of the interior components.) This should help you identify where the problem lies. The flush valve might be sticky. Perhaps the tankball is damaged and incorrectly gauging the level of the water. The ballcock might not be closing properly. The chain to the flapper could be too tight. If you’re familiar with the basic operations inside a toilet tank, you should be able to see if anything is working incorrectly.

Sometimes you can do a quick adjustment by hand (don’t worry, the water in the tank is clean) to fix a misplaced chain. However, if you’re not sure what to do, don’t fiddle around in there too much and risk causing a problem that might lead to overflow. A professional plumber can diagnose the trouble in only moments and will know what parts will need replacement or repair.

Because a running toilet can rapidly cause your water bills to mount—imagine wasting a 120 gallons in just an hour!—getting a plumber to analyze and fix the trouble with a few replacement parts is a worthwhile investment. Don’t just let the toilet continue to run and think it’s no big deal. Get a Lansdale, PA plumber on the job. Contact us at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling: same day service, satisfaction guaranteed!

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