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Why a Failed Compressor Is Bad News

When it comes to AC repairs, there are some problems that are easy to fix and other ones that can mean potentially replacing your entire AC unit. Having a failed AC compressor definitely falls in the category. I have bad news.

If you think that your air conditioning compressor is experiencing problems, give our team a call sooner rather than later for air conditioning service in Ambler, PA. We may be able to make repairs to your compressor before it goes bad completely. You can keep reading to learn more about why a failing compressor is such bad news for your AC.

Cost of Compressor Replacement

Your air conditioner’s compressor has a crucial role in providing cool air for your home. In fact, it is one of the largest components in your air conditioner. If the compressor goes bad, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace. This is a problem since you could potentially invest in a new AC for twice as much or less than the cost of a compressor. Many HVAC experts agree that if your air compressor goes bad, it is better to just replace your entire air conditioner rather than that one part. 

Risks of Compressor Replacement

Sure, you can replace just the compressor, but then the rest of your outdoor unit may still have some age on it. It can be difficult to match up newer AC components with older systems. Plus, you have to consider the indoor portion of your AC unit as well. 

If other components go bad in the years to come, you may be looking at additional repair bills that exceed thousands of dollars. If the rest of your unit is older, it can add additional strain to your brand-new air compressor, causing it to age much faster than it should. The amount you spend on an air compressor may not be worth the additional life that you get out of your existing AC. 

Consider Your Warranty

Many air conditioners come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. If the air compressor goes bad within that first 10 years, your manufacturer’s warranty may cover a repair or replacement. This is definitely a time when it would be beneficial to replace the air compressor alone, since the cost is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, if your AC is older than 10 years and no longer under warranty, you have to weigh the potential risks and benefits of replacing the compressor versus replacing your entire air conditioner. Keep in mind that you do have some homeowner responsibilities when it comes to maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty. 

If you don’t meet your responsibilities, it could avoid your manufacturer’s warranty before the 10 years is up. Examples include changing the air filter monthly, cleaning out the condensate drain pipe, and keeping up with annual maintenance. 

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