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Fall Maintenance for the Holiday Season

Fall is in full swing and that means temperatures that get a little bit colder each week. Once winter arrives, our team will see an uptick in calls for heater service. You can get ahead of this winter rush by scheduling heating maintenance in Bucks County now.

It’s a great way to make sure that your heater is working great through the springtime without any hiccups. You can keep reading to learn more about what our team does during a maintenance appointment and why each of these tasks is so important for the health of your heater.

Check Airflow

In order for your heater to work at its best, it needs proper airflow starting at the intake grate where your air filter is located. If your heater cannot bring enough air in then it cannot properly heat your home. We also check throughout the system, ending at the exhaust vent that blows exhaust air outside of your home. 

Trapping dirty exhaust inside the unit causes just as many problems as airflow that’s restricted entering the system. No matter where the airflow problem is, we can fix it to ensure that your heater can operate efficiently without taking on additional strain or losing efficiency. 

Lubricate Parts

The next thing we check are components that need to work together as part of operation. Usually these are gears or other intricate parts that press up against one another. If these metal pieces are not properly lubricated, they grind together and create a dangerous sound in addition to wearing down and breaking faster. When we keep these parts lubricated year after year we can make sure that your entire heater works effortlessly without sacrificing efficiency.

Make Adjustments

We also make adjustments here and there as we go. We may notice screws and bolts that are loose and need to be tightened, among other concerns. Our goal is to look at your heater in its entirety. After all, each component has an important role to play and everything inside of your heater has to work together to provide the best comfort for your home.

Calibrate the Thermostat

You might not give your thermostat much thought when it comes to heating, but it is a very important element to consider. Your thermostat is what reads the indoor air temperature and communicates with your heater to turn on and off for heating cycles. You select a temperature on your thermostat and that is the temperature that your home should maintain consistently. 

If your home doesn’t feel as warm as you would like it to, you may think that’s a heater problem. But it could easily be an issue with your thermostat. We see thermostats get dirty or miscalibrated with an impact on heating output. Your thermostat may read the indoor air temperature incorrectly or signal for your heater to turn on and off at the wrong times. Aside from the comfort factor, this also adds a lot of strain to your heater and can impact your heater’s potential lifespan.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling does what’s right for our customers. Schedule an appointment today for heating service so you stay comfortable all winter long.

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