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The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance

You work hard to keep your home safe and working well. That’s why many homeowners have decided to put in a sump pump in their basements. Sumps pumps are a great way to make sure that your property is safe in the event of a flood or a burst pipe. One of the nice things about sump pumps is that they are a pretty robust piece of equipment. However, like all things, they do require regular maintenance and check-ups. At Carney Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we provide complete sump pump maintenance and installation as well as sump pump repairs in Lansdale. We want our customers to be comfortable in their homes and to know that their property is safe. Check out some of the benefits to getting your sump pump regularly maintained in Lansdale.

Common Sump  Pump Problems

  • Stuck float – One of the most common reasons why your sump pump might not turn on.
  • No power – Unless you have a water-powered sump pump, yours probably runs on electricity. If you lose power, if the wires get corroded or if the plug gets accidentally unplugged, your home will become vulnerable to flooding.
  • No water in sump pit – This is usually associated with bad sump pump installation.
  • Sump pump won’t turn off – This can sometimes be from a stuck float, but it could also be that your sump pump is just overworked. This can be because the check valve is letting water from the discharge pipe get back down into the pit. It could also be that your sump pump pit is too low or that your home is on an area with a high water table or a natural spring.

Benefits of Sump Pump Maintenance

Here are some of the major benefits to getting regular maintenance for your sump pump.

  • Reliability – Because your sump pump is designed to work during emergency situations, you absolutely need to know that it will work when you need it to. Regular sump pump maintenance in Lansdale is a great way to make sure that it will come on and do its job when you need it.
  • Efficiency – When your sump pump does come on, you want it to work as efficiently as possible. You need to know that it will have the ability to successfully evacuate the water in your basement. Without regular maintenance, your sump pump may become worn out. While it may turn on, it might not be working well enough to do the job it needs to do. With regular inspections and tests, your plumbing technician will be able to tell if it is up to the job.
  • Extended life – Often, we see that small problems that were left unattended ended up destroying one of our customer’s sump pumps. When you have your sump pump regularly inspected, you can make sure that those small issues get resolved quickly.

If you’re interested in sump pump maintenance in Lansdale, just call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’ve been providing fast and reliable sump pump maintenance throughout the Lansdale area for many years.

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